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Social Media:

Anyone and everyone can make an impact. Just share our website links with your friends and visit our Facebook Page and like our post regularly and share with your friends. Please help us spread the word about free elementary and vocational education for the destitutes.

Sometimes even though we feel for a cause and want to be a part of the solution, our day to day work holds us back and we convince ourselves by thinking that we would have done our bit if we had time. We believe that if we have the passion for the cause and the spark within, we can help people without disturbing our daily operations. All what needs to be done is:

1. Like us on Facebook fb
2. Promote RPF in your social networking profile and ask your friends to follow us.
3. Introduce RPF through whatsapp.
4. Email the newsletters to your friends which were sent to you.
5. If you are a blogger, write about RPF in your blog and let people know that you support the cause.

Your effort will be acknowledged by us on our Facebook page. Those who can do fund-raising or supply us resources like stationary, computers or training space through marketing, will be awarded and will feature in our special column in newsletter.