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Health Awareness Programme, Bajota, near Jattari, Aligarh, Apr 2014:

Health awareness programme for villagers providing basic education on health and hygiene was organised in Bajota village in Apr 2014. The programme focussed on knowledge sharing about prevention and control of common diseases, risk factors associated with diseases and nutrition, education to women for a healthy lifestyle and dietary habits. The programme aimed at reducing target disease patterns in that area which included diarrhoea in children, anaemia among women and children and stomach related disorders in adults. More than 100 people benefited from it.  Nutritional anthropometric measurements were taken for children and adults to assess their health status and mitigate risk factors associated with lower or higher BMI and wasting or stunting among children. The principle aim of RPF in this programme was to reduce the mortality/death of the children (in the age group of 6 months to 5 years) due to severe protein energy malnutrition which was prevalent in those villages.

Mother & Child Health Concerns, Tappal, September 2013

Nutritionists of RPF organized a door to door awareness drive in Tappal village in September 2013 to create awareness on the critical health concerns of mother and child health. This village is situated at a distance of 87 kms from Delhi. The nutritionists and health workers visited each house and explained about the importance of breastfeeding, immunization, personal hygiene and infection control to expectant mothers and their family members. They also responded to various queries from the villagers and what best they can do to avoid any mother &child health related complications. Almost 50 homes were covered. The multiple benefits of breastfeeding were explained to the women as to how it protects an infant from diarrhoea (a major reason for infant mortality in rural India), ear infections, bronchitis, urinary tract infections and the many long term benefits like reduced risk of skin infection, allergies and some childhood disease like measles and mumps. The need for exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of an infant’s life was stressed upon.

Addiction Control in Christian Youth Rehabilitation Centre, Rajinder Nagar, Ghaziabad, March - June 2013

RPF with the help of young Christian youth workers organised skits and prayers to help poor people having addiction of alcohol or tobacco to find a meaningful purpose in their lives with the faith of God and increased support and care of their well wishers. RPF learned that in these centres, even addiction in children emerged as an issue. However RPF believes that with time, motivation and extensive counselling, children are quite determined to quit bad habits. We urged children and adults in this rehabilitation centre to have the nutritious food being served to them as it will heal them and also showed various crafts and skill based work which they could take up to find employment and satisfaction in what they do. We gave health talks and focussed on mind body connection and explained various other ways to find joy and happiness and find their cognitive capacity. Four sessions at different time between March to June, 2013 were taken and 35 were monitored for progress and positive change in habits.

Health Awareness camp in old Seemapuri, Delhi, September 2012

A health and hygiene awareness camp was organized by RPF in a slum cluster near old Seemapuri which was suffering from various health related issues including dengue, where more than 10 cases were reported. The camp was held to educate residents on prevention of dengue. The importance of basic hygienic measures such as washing hands with soap before preparing food, before eating, before feeding a child and after defecation was stressed upon to improve the hygiene conditions of the slum dwellers in that area. The need for healthy and wholesome food was stressed upon. Free clothes were also donated and children were given free colouring books on fruits and vegetables. Over 100 people, majority of them women and children attended the camp.

Breastfeeding Benefits, Kapashera urban slum cluster, Delhi - Gurgaon border, March 2012

RPF through its resources identified that many women in this slum were daily wage labourers leaving their child of less than 6 months at home with siblings or elders and going for work to earn. Many of them were also too weak to satiate the hunger of child and had to feed milk from other sources as they were not able to make enough milk. So malnutrition of women and with no awareness of benefits of breast milk, their children were also becoming malnourished. RPF spoke about the importance of health care of mother and child, importance of breastfeeding, micronutrient fortification and spoke about supporting such women financially till their babies were atleast 6 months old and had not started complimentary feeds. Knowledge on types of complimentary food of babies was given and role of immunisation was explained. Iron and folate supplements were distributed. More than 70 women attended the talk.

Awareness camp on Personal Hygiene, Laxmi Nagar Slum, Delhi, May 2011

RPF, as part of its efforts to reach out to underprivileged people, conducted an awareness camp on personal hygiene for residents of Laxmi Nagar slum in May 2011. The camp emphasised the need to inculcate good habits of cleanliness to help reduce chances of infection and disease. A small skit was organized on the relevant subject, which dramatized the damaging consequences of living with unclean habits. Important practices of hygiene were explained – how water should be filtered/boiled for preventing water-borne diseases, like jaundice and typhoid; washing of hands with soap before meals and after going to the toilet; cleaning of vegetables and utensils and maintaining cleanliness in clothing. Free bathing and washing soaps were distributed. More than 50 persons benefited from this camp.

Mental Health Talks and Art workshop, Blooming Buds Orphanage, Neb Sarai, Delhi, June 2010

RPF with help of school students who were interested in summer internship organised plays and skits in Blooming Buds Orphanage in June 2010 on drug abuse and addictions. Various trainings on art and craft, pottery making, clay and stone work, wood craftings, paper art were taught to develop interest in the adolescents to take up free vocational training with RPF. Computer games and basic computer fundamentals were taught. Basic training on data entry and customer service was also given to help them pursue advanced training with RPF by developing liking in them. 13 adolescents participated in it.

Health and Nutrition Talks, Noida factory workers, September 2009- March 2010

Training in batches were organised by eminent health educators and dieticians. Topics for these lectures included detrimental effects of bidi smoking and alcoholism. Fast food and junk foods addiction leading to poor health was explained. Benefits of adequate sleep were explained. Food habits and good dietary practices were stressed upon. Harmful effects of substance abuse (tobacco and gutkha) were mentioned as key health concerns. Importance of first aid in case of cuts and bruises from machineries in factories was also explained.

Human Resource Department was lectured separately to motivate them to supply fresh and healthy foods in canteen for the workforce. The organisation arranged for free medical check up on the same day in association with health clubs, for their workers. Some private sector companies in Noida were also covered within the 6 months period. They were told about the possible occupational hazards. Awareness was generated on health related issues. Topics such as diabetes, hypertension, back and spine related problems, coronary diseases, stress management and diet management were covered. Health insurance booths were also installed by several companies on one of the days of workshop. More than 200 people participated in these health talks.