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Mother & Child Health Concerns:

RPF provides pre and ante-natal care to women by creating awareness on health for child and mother, breastfeeding and immunization. All this is done with the support of our dieticians, through various health camps, awareness raising sessions and educational programmes. RPF believes that creating awareness in mothers is important as awareness is lacking and only half of expectant mothers in our country receive any kind of postnatal care, and most never receive counselling in newborn care or the importance of breastfeeding. Education in family planning and sexual health is also lacking. Awareness is needed to curb infant mortality and address the needs of post-partum mothers.

RPF sought to change the behaviour and attitudes of people regarding maternal and child health by disseminating information, conducting group awareness sessions, health camps and one-on-one counselling. We spoke about importance of ante natal and post natal care, institutional deliveries, adequate spacing of births, good nutrition and timely immunisations to young women. We monitored growth of every child (height and weight) periodically when camps were conducted in the same area again. RPF distributed multivitamins and iron supplements to all women and children. We attempted to strengthen the availability of quality services to ensure that women, who were willing, received adequate help. Health camps were organised regularly to provide key interventions and sent referrals to government hospitals.