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Micro Enterprise Development:

RPF has taken an economic initiative to bring socio economic empowerment of poor people specially women belonging to underprivileged section of society by helping them financially, to set up micro enterprise or non conventional trade and provide all kinds of support for first 3 months. All kind of expenses will be borne by RPF including the inventories. If they are able to make profit within 3 months, they would need to pay 50% profit from 4th month. RPF will continue to help with financial bearing for a year. After a year no share of profit would be taken. This would provide avenues for income augmentation and entrepreneurship development. RPF has helped many poor youth set up food carts and helped them set up marketing chain of selling healthcare supplements.

Also women in India, particularly those belonging to the lower socio-economic class from where the RPF programme applicants were drawn, typically face a large number of restrictions on mobility to travel to their work places. They need permission to use public transport and are often asked not to leave their home and household activities for work, thus barring them to become self sufficient through work. Hence RPF has always conducted skill based programmes in their own locality unlike the courses offered by private organisation or government, and encourage women to start their enterprise from their own home or locality. Several women after getting trained on early childhood care and holistic health program have opened up day care centres, tiffin services, bakeries in their own homes and have also tied up with fitness centres and office canteens to supply fresh nutritious food.

There are NGOs which teach people marketable job skills like gift article making, tailoring, paper craft, wooden work, pottery, play group teacher’s training, video shooting, mobile repairing etc. These are short term courses helping people to get jobs in unorganised sector. RPF tries to find out talent in youth and children of poor households and get them trained in these skills in partnership with these NGOs and help them set up their own micro enterprises. This will help to lift them and their families out of poverty for good and lead them on a path to self-sustainability.