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Hygiene and Sanitation:

RPF builds awareness through counselling and spread information at a mass scale on hygiene and sanitation. Awareness on cleanliness and sanitation is important as the absorption of food in the body depends on factors that are not directly linked to food, but includes community and environmental hygiene, safe drinking water, clean food, primary healthcare, following hygienic habits, maintaining clean environment and access to clean toilets. RPF aims to limit the spread of water borne diseases, educate masses about adoption of hygienic practices during delivery to improve the health of women and improve the overall sanitation of communities.

Our activities focus on de worming of all children, counselling people on personal hygiene, health and sanitation, safe deliveries and immunization by talk shows, documentary films, leaflets and pamphlet distribution in the camps as well as awareness sessions on better hygiene and ways to combat health hazards emanating from poor hygienic conditions and lack of safe drinking water. RPF staff and volunteers regularly meet with the families suffering from poor health to collect data which is monitored for indications of progress in areas such as access to safe water, sanitation practices, adult literacy, health, nutrition and school enrolment of children and to identify priorities for new programmes to address the needs of health and sanitation.