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Holistic Health:

RPF offers 6 months course on Holistic Health to Life Science intermediates belonging from low income households. By the end of the course the trainee is able to perform holistic care of the individuals, families and community in both institutional settings and also community health organizations independently. They can work as field workers with various NGOs to provide information on basic health care, prevention and control measures of nutritional and communicable problems in institutions, rehabilitation centres, old age homes and in rural areas.

Various private hospitals as well as old/sick people from affluent families need health workers to provide comfort care which is also becoming an emerging field due to current nuclear family setup. They can find employment with Voluntary Health Organizations as health worker for their Local, State and National Health programmes, Family Welfare programmes and campaigns.

This course will make learners know about structure and function of the body, concept of disease and infection, first aid, holistic care to the sick people, environmental sanitation and waste management, importance of nutrition in health and sickness, mental health management, prevention & control of common communicable diseases, health care management in old age, community health problems, methods and art of communication to provide health education services.

For practical component of this course, the trainees are taken to public and private health institutions including dispensaries, nursing homes and peripheral hospitals to learn about the health system. Also students of this course need to take part in RPF activities and learn how workshops are organized and posters and presentations are made and participate in ongoing programme or campaign. Completion certificate are given to all learners meeting the minimum requirements.
If you wish to enroll a needy person in this course, please write to us at