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General Health Issues:

RPF conducts numerous awareness initiatives on different health concerns every month in slums, shelter homes, colonies where poor population resides, schools as well as for factory workers and corporate professionals. RPF believes that many diseases as well as illness can be prevented by creating awareness and increasing knowledge about general wellbeing among the poor population.

Awareness and knowledge is disseminated on overall health aspects like healthy meals and practices, avoiding stale, unnatural and unclean foods given as freebies, HIV/AIDS, jaundice, typhoid, tuberculosis, medical benefits, supplements provided by government as schemes to poor people, sanitation, etc. Healthy food choices and good lifestyle is initiated for corporate professionals and factory workers.

RPF organizes health camps aiming to promote health seeking behaviour in the long term and thus, unlike a general curative health camp, these camps majorly work on building awareness regarding common ailments, family planning methods, nutrition, health, hygiene and sanitation. We sometimes provide medical services free of cost, in these camps.