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Food Safety,Quality and Personal Hygiene

This 1 month course on food safety, quality and personal hygiene was developed for learners to know the importance of food safety at all stages of the cycle of cooking and delivery. This course will enable trainees to read packaged food labels carefully, choose quality products free from adulterants, use of artificial colours/flavours, healthy and safe cooking practices and importance of cleanliness while food preparation.

Successful trainees can work as cooks in many public and private sector establishments like hotels, nursing homes, hospitals etc. as they will be equipped with knowledge to cook healthy food. They can also work as cook-cum-helpers at schools or Mid Day Meal cook-cum-helpers in government schools. Moreover they can work with NGOs in various projects to create mass awareness and show best and healthy practices of cooking.

RPF also took initiative to train street food vendors about food safety and those who were successful in showing and adapting healthy, safe and hygienic way of cooking and serving and used clean utensils and equipments, at the end of course were certified by RPF which they could put to display or show on being asked to bring more customers to them as everybody wants to have clean and safe food outside.

This course by RPF is primarily non-academic in nature and enable an individual to attain self-employment. The primary objective is to include the below poverty line youths, minority youths especially school dropouts/left outs, by providing them with a platform through this course to help them get employed.

If you wish to enroll a needy person in this course, please write to us at