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Food Service Management:

The most powerful tool to expand the labour market opportunities for young women of poor socio-economic class is to help them set up their own micro food enterprise. RPF helps women learn various trades to run food service establishment at a small level at their own home or locality, acquire the skills needed to take advantage of employment opportunities, and create successful small businesses through this 1 month course. One additional advantage of this kind of training is that it results in human capital accumulation that is specific to the person undertaking the training as RPF helps them open a bank account and thus their earning cannot be confiscated by their spouse which is common in poor localities where a woman’s earning is taken away by spouse or elders in the family.

Helping women learn the trade of running a small business with a small initial investment can result in substantial economic gains for women in low-income households in our country. RPF reimburses travel expenses to them from their home to training centre and provide child care support to mothers for children up to 5 years of age, so that they don’t have to worry about their children while they are trained.

RPF helps all the successful candidates with initial investment, with buying them essentials for setting up their own establishment. RPF also helps them to get employed with food service establishments like restaurants, hotels, dhabas, bakeries and food courts. Financial support is provided to any person irrespective of gender, who wants to open micro food enterprises by working from home or setting up eateries in their own locality at low investment.

If you wish to enroll a needy person in this course, please write to us at