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RPF believes that the main reason as to why poverty still exists in our country in spite the fact that millions of people donate to NGOs is because poor are not empowered through education. The Foundation also believes that the only way to ensure a better future for underprivileged children is by providing them elementary education and helping them get admitted to government schools by changing the mindset of their parents. RPF specially encourages girl child education and meet the parents to encourage her education and providing them necessary monetary help.

Education by both the means as well as the end, empowers these children and evolves them as better citizens. Plan of action includes increasing school enrolment ratio and reducing drop out rates. RPF also takes care of other activities which pose hindrance to their education by improving the nutritional status of children and increasing coverage for immunization etc.

RPF started with the non-formal education of handful of children in a slum and has today touched the lives of more than 500 people from different age, social and financial backgrounds. RPF follows an objective where in within 3 months, a student must get to read and write. RPF helps in admission of children to schools after convincing their parents and showing them the career path of children and supporting them in the endeavour and developing interest in children towards studies by adopting fun learning methods. Late evening classes are also conducted so that children with working parents could participate in the classes. Tea with biscuits are provided to encourage them to be regular along with free learning material. RPF provides a platform for vocational training to those students who show a lack of interest in formal studies or were dropouts from school.

RPF follow accelerated learning technique targeted at teaching children how to read and do basic arithmetic in 4-8 weeks. The technique does not follow the traditional sequential method of learning and make learning rapid. We aim at providing a platform to slum children for bringing out their creativity talent in various art forms such as painting, pottery, theater, dance, etc. which motivates children to continue their education with us. We have also introduced computer animation and videos taken from Gyan Darshan to make learning more fun and interesting.

Why children don’t enrol for formal education or drop out of school? How RPF helps them?

According to Indian Government reports, around 60 million children between 5-15 years do not attend school. Either they are not enrolled by parents due to lack of money or they are enrolled in government schools but drop out because they have to earn for their family. RPF works to give these children non formal education by organising small training sessions in our centres or at late evening around their locality and mainstream them to conventional education. RPF has also put efforts to give vocational education and training to help class 10 dropouts get a decent earning for their living. RPF also support them to find a job and help them with future industrial trainings to enhance their skills.