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Data Entery Training:

The objective of this training is to educate youth from poor background about basic English, understanding and recognizing letters and words and then further training on keyboard skills to make data entry into the system. The duration of the course is 3 months with classes both on weekdays as well as only weekends. Evening classes are also conducted. Completion certificate are given to all students meeting the minimum requirements. Internship will be provided for a short period on request. Successful students can also work for various development programmes of RPF as salaried employees. We will also provide support to successful trainees in getting employment with various private sector industries.

A step towards self reliance, this is a non formal vocational course for both youth and middle aged adults This course will help one learn input of data to a computer and computer responses to such inputs, leading to employment as there is a great demand in both public and private sector for data entry jobs and requires only 10th class qualification.

If you wish to enroll a needy person in this course, please write to us at